About Us

In this part of the blog, we will be covering our story, how did our organization start, why, our goals and little about our team. Our organization started with the reason to help out people who are behind the bars because we know how life can be hard, especially locked up. The best way we can help inmates is to get them living a healthy life and that is only possible if they are completely sober from both drugs and alcohol. Prison should be a place where drugs cannot be found, but in reality, that is not the case, people get that stuff inside really easily.
Our goals or the mission that we are pursuing is to motivate inmates to live a healthy life by showing examples of some who have succeeded staying sober. Of course, that is not easy, just like it is not easy in the world outside the bars, but we are trying our best to provide them with all the support that we can. Our team consists of professionals who have dedicated many years of their lives towards helping others. We cannot forget about the people who live behind the bars, they also need help and support.